90th Annual Oceanside Labor Day Pier Swim

September 2, 2019 @ 7:00 am
The Strand N: Oceanside Pier
The Strand N.
CA 92054


People have been filing into the beach side town of Oceanside, California since someone realized that the combination of great weather, better swells and a small town feel made the perfect spot to relax. However, when the first Oceanside Pier was built in 1888 there was actually a destination to drive to and people were able to claim “I’m hanging out by the pier” and “Meet me down by the pier after work.” While the original Oceanside Pier has since been lost in storms, rebuilt, re modeled and re built again, the legendary pier is still the heart of Oceanside and the place where people can come together to remember to live in a time where the ocean waves dictate life and relaxation is not recommended, but mandatory. While the pier is always bustling, no time of year is more busy than Labor Day. Not only is Labor Day a continental excuse to sit on a beach, it is also the day that the longest annual rough water swim, the Labor Day Pier Swim, takes place in Oceanside.


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